Gastroplasty criteria

Who can benefit from a gastroplasty?

Gastroplasties may be performed on patients who satisfy the following criteria:

  • they must be adults (18 or over);
  • they must have experienced repeated dietary failures subject to medical-nutritional monitoring
  • they must either have a BMI of over 40, or 35 - 40 with pathologies aggravated by obesity
  • they must be genuinely motivated for losing weight.

It must be fully understood that a gastroplasty is not sufficient in itself to lose weight: you may continue to put on weight with the gastroplasty ring. All you have to do is snack all day, eat sweets, ice cream, and drink beverages containing sugar or alcohol.

A gastroplasty will help you by preventing you from eating large amounts, and taking away the permanent sensation of hunger. It cannot do anything for you if you are not fully motivated.

If you satisfy the four points above, you are a viable candidate for a gastroplasty. Then the question is: can you undergo an operation safely, with good chances of success? This leads to the all-important pre-op assessment.

The pre-op assessment

This assessment is compulsory, and can lead us to postpone the operation, or even discard it completely. It consists of the following:

  • A gastric fibroscopy: we must be sure we are about to operate on a healthy stomach.
  • A general blood evaluation, extensive examination of the liver and endocrines. Specialist consultation is essential in the event of any liver or endocrine-related anomalies.
  • An abdominal echography and X-rays of lungs and skull are systematic factors. Depending on your particular problems, you may have more X-rays – spinal column, hips, knees or ankles.
  • An electrocardiogram and cardiology consultation.
  • An anaesthetic consultation: in view of all the previous checks, and as a necessary measure following consultation with the pneumologist, the anaesthetist gives approval as to whether the operation can go ahead safely.
  • The nutritionist or the family doctor will attest to the failure of diet, and will prepare you for the new eating hygiene and the new method for composing your meals .
  • A psychiatric consultation: we must be sure that you will be able to cope with the operation psychologically.

After the assessment has been carried out, the surgeon will speak to you and decide whether or not to operate.

Gastroplasties are subject to prior agreement with the Department of Social Security.