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Obesity is a serious illness which kills 60,000 people every year, more than twice the number of deaths from smoking, and ten times the number of deaths in car crashes. It is a veritable catastrophe to health.

"Supporting" over twice your normal weight creates many health-related problems: diabetes, high blood pressure, problems with your joints, heart problems, breathing difficulties, liver and kidney complaints. In short, it can affect almost your entire body.

Excess weight also affects your professional life and your relationships, and can create affective disorders. Obese people are thus the most frequently excluded from society.

When the repetition of a number of diets creates a yo-yo effect on a patient's weight, this can pose a danger to health. It is in such cases that we may consider stomach surgery or the intra-gastric balloon.

The main surgical technique used to treat obesity is adjustable-ring gastroplasty (90% of obesity operations). This represents considerable progress in that it involves a coelioscopic technique for the stomach. When performed by an experienced surgeon, the operation is relatively non-aggressive and reversible. Other methods exist, such as the intra-gastric balloon and other techniques.

This site will explain the main points in relation to gastroplasty operations. The aim is not to answer all your questions and provide all the details: the idea is that you will reflect on your own situation, so that you are not "mistaken" in your choice of gastroplasty.

For those who have already undergone surgery, the site will provide them with advice on their lifestyle and eating habits, to allow them to slim down and then retain a normal body weight.