What is a Gastroplasty ?

  • A gastroplasty is an operation which modifies the original shape of the stomach. The word "gastroplasty" is a Greek word composed of: gaster = stomach and plasti = modification of shapes.
  • There are two gastroplasty techniques: the adjustable ring technique (95% of gastroplasties) and calibrated vertical gastroplasty. Here we are describing the adjustable-ring gastroplasty.
  • This operation separates the stomach into a small pouch of about 15 cm3 (holding approximately 3 soup spoons), and the rest of the stomach, and the intention is to restrict the amounts of food ingested.
  • Adjustable-ring gastroplasty is a reversible and virtually non-aggressive operation in experienced hands. It is used for 90% of obesity operations.

    Normal stomach

    Ring gastroplasty

  • As soon as the small pouch fills up, you have the feeling of being full up, and are no longer hungry.
  • The ring is connected by a small plastic catheter to a casing positioned under the skin of the stomach. The ring may be tightened or loosened by tapping the casing through the skin.
  • Since the diameter of the ring is so small (5 mm), movement of food in the small pouch to the rest of the stomach is extremely slow.
  • Thus we can see that following a gastroplasty operation, a small amount of food fills you quickly and gives you a lasting sensation of being full up.